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At Premed Peers, our nonprofit organization is led by volunteers who are passionate about giving back to other premed students. We offer free MCAT prep courses, along with mentorship and application consulting to help erase barriers for underserved students. Check out our services and start your path to success today.


  • Supplement your MCAT prep through our self-directed prep course.

  • Get access to over 45 hours of lectures!

  • Sessions led by tutors who achieved greater than the 90th percentile on the subject they teach.

Mentorship Program

  • Receive guidance from a peer who has succeeded on the MCAT.

  • Our mentors are ready to help you succeed!

  • Whether it's a push to stick to your study schedule or finding methods that work best for you.

MCAT Schedule

  • Receive a personalized schedule made by tutors who have taken the MCAT exam.

  • Essential for: 

      - busy students

      - nontraditional students

      - or any student who needs           more guidance.

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Choose the best route for YOU!

  • Free MCAT Prep

    Perfect for gaining an insight into our workshops
    Free Plan
    • Free workshops
    • Recorded Sessions
    • Access to tutors
    • Get your questions answered live
  • Self Directed Prep

    Perfect for the busy student
    Valid for 2 years
    • Prep Course Materials & Resources
    • Over 50 Tutoring Videos
    • Warm Up Book
    • Homework Questions
  • Live Prep Course

    Add structure to your prep
    Valid for 2 years
    • Prep Course Materials & Resources
    • Over 15 Live Sessions Per Month
    • Access to Tutors & Mentors
    • Access to Recordings
    • Mentor & Study Group
    • Homework & Warm Up Book
    • Jan- Feb 2024
  • MCAT Schedule

    Add structure to your prep
    • Personalized MCAT Schedule
    • Take Charge of Your Resources
    • Study Strategies + Tips
  • Application Consulting

    Trial Plan
    Valid for 2 years
    • Access to Workshops
    • Learn the Top Resources for Applications
    • Office Hours & Help from Medical Students

What our students say...

After attending some of the meetings I have realized how important this group has become to my study plan. I plan to take my exam in April and if not for these sessions I would have spent longer going over the materials in other formats. Attending the sessions makes me feel like the MCAT material is nothing more than another big final exam. Highly recommend, and have recommended to my students from my office.


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Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Simrat Jassal


Aakash Anandjiwala


I’m a recent graduate from UF with a BS in Biology. The goal right now is to be an orthopedic surgeon in underserved areas. MCAT101 is a good opportunity for me to share what I learned during the MCAT process and also meet other people with similar goals as me.

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 8.42.46 AM.png


Simrat is a current medical student at Penn State College of Medicine. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Public Health and Statistics. Her interests include academic medicine, public health, and global health. 


Kathryn Mutter, MD, MPH

Board Member

Kathryn Mutter, MD, MPH is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine.  She is Course Director for the Transition Course and the Internship Readiness Course for rising clerkship and graduating fourth year medical students, respectively.  She also serves as Clinical Director of the Center for Interprofessional Collaborations. Her research interests include medical education and interprofessional education.

Durieux photo square.jpg

Marcel Durieux, MD

Board Member

Dr. Durieux is emeritus professor at the University of Virginia. He comes with a broad view of medicine. After working as an academic anesthesiologist and medical researcher for many years, he now practices primary care at the Charlottesville Free Clinic. He received his medical training in the Netherlands and subsequently requalified to work in the US. Throughout his career he has been known as an excellent teacher, and he is a recipient of the School of Medicine's highest teaching honor, the Master Educator Award.


Ceshae Harding, MD

Board Member

Ceshae Harding, MD is an internal medicine resident at Duke University Hospital pursuing a health services research career focused on advancing comprehensive care for women of childbearing age. Her professional interests include women’s health, diversity and inclusion, and public health.

Carlos 2 (1).jpg

Carlos Cevallos

Board Member

I am a 4th year medical student at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and will be applying to Emergency Medicine Residencies. Apart from my interests in Medicine itself I am passionate about increasing access to medical education for underserved populations. I know how difficult it can be for traditionally underrepresented people in medicine to go through the daunting process of medical school which is why I'm excited to be part of an organization whose aim is to aid as many of these students reach their goal of attending medical school.

Meet the Tea

help our cause

Premed Peers is a non-profit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia that was started by a group of undergraduates who couldn't afford expensive MCAT prep courses. We rely entirely on donations from our students to cover our administrative costs. 100% of our funds are used to keep Premed Peers running.

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