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Premed Peers

Revolutionizing Your MCAT Prep

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Supplement your MCAT prep through our self-directed prep course. Get access to over 45 hours of lectures led by tutors who achieved greater than the 90th  percentile on the subject they teach.

Mentorship Program

Receive guidance from a peer who has succeeded on the MCAT. Whether it's a push to stick to your study schedule or finding methods that work best for you, our mentors are ready to help.

Create an MCAT Schedule

Receive a personalized schedule made by tutors who have taken the MCAT exam. This can be essential for busy students, nontraditional students, or any student who needs a little more guidance

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Welcome to Premed Peers!

We are a group of undergraduate students across the country who have all struggled, yet succeeded, on the MCAT and want to give back to other fellow pre-meds. We offer a low-cost prep course called "MCAT101". The courses are lecture-style that cover high (and low) yield topics on the MCAT and run for approximately 1 hour. We also offer a mentorship program, MCAT schedules, and essay/resume editing. We want to create a friendly and nurturing community, so feel free to check out our blog and forum!

Please note that website membership will be granted only to those interested in the MCAT101 prep course. 

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Premed Peers is a non-profit registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia that started by a group of undergraduates who couldn't afford expensive MCAT prep courses. We rely entirely on donations from our students to cover our administrative costs. 100% of our funds are used to keep Premed Peers running.

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