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Our Mission

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Premed Peers is a volunteer-based organization that provides free tutoring services and affordable resources for pre-med students, including free or discounted MCAT tutoring sessions, premed mentoring, resume editing, and more!  Our mission is to make the MCAT prep more affordable and accessible and create a new platform to engage students in the process of their prep as well as encourage them to learn from each other and have fun during their premed journey!

We help transform students that feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the MCAT into students that are confident and conquer the MCAT! 


Take charge now by using our free resources today! 

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Our Partners

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Prescribe It Forward

Prescribe it Forward provides free mentorship for pre-medical students who struggle to find guidance as they embark on their journey to becoming medical students!

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Project Short

Comprised of volunteer professional health and graduate students, residents, faculty, and post-docs, Project SHORT (Students for Higher-Ed Opportunities and Representation in Training) is the first organization to offer pro-bono mentoring for both professional health and graduate school admissions.


The Premed Scene

The Premed Scene is a nonprofit startup in which pre-health students can engage and access resources. Their platform establishes informative content about various different topics relevant to today's medical setting and creates interaction amongst our peers through our mentorship programs, journal clubs, and MCAT workshops. They also provide opportunities via our internship and student ambassadorship programs.

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Medschoolstuff answers questions about the medical school application process through visualizations built with publically-available data from the AAMC

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Ways to Get Involved

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Partner with Us

Make an Impact

We appreciate your generosity and involvement, using every contribution to make Premed Peers an even better Non-Profit Organization than it already is.

Click the button below to let us know how we can make your support and vision into a shared reality!

Join Our Team

Take the Initiative

We believe the best way to successfully create change is through active community involvement. Volunteering is a simple, easy, and effective way of contributing to the great work we do at Premed Peers.

Reach out with any questions about how you can help us today.


Show Your Support

The high cost of MCAT prep programs can be a barrier for some, so please consider donating when using our site. 

As a non-profit student-run service, your one-time donation helps offset our out-of-pocket costs and pay it forward for others working to get into medical school.

Thank You Very Much!

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